Interference Dance Project

Ottlik Jikka gave birth to the concept of the Interference Dance Project in may 2018, than she realised it within the framework of her diploma film at MOME.

“The base of my work is the phenomena of the visual interference. My goal is to create an installation and a series of clothes which we can put into a production space and it will inspire the insider dancer to do guided or improvised movements.

Important parts of this process are the costumes with prints, their patterns were designed in consideration of direction and ratio systems, as these factors can also define the movement etudes. The spectacle consists of spatial line systems,  different patterns and the dynamics of the dancer’s movements.”

Two talented and innovative women dj, Laura Tóth (LAU) and Barbara Pongrácz (Kali) and five contemporary dancers (Anita Barabás, Bianka Gyepes, Janka Hajtó, Eszter Joó, Kinga Kovács) joined the project. We believe in the importance of the collaboration of female artists from different fields to raise each other’s values.

Th. / 21:00-22:30 / Mező