Ádám Anna / Sorry not sorry

contemporary dance

Sorry not sorry explores the impact and the heritage of Biblical teachings on sexuality in today’s society, with attention to the relation between contemporary spiritual consciousness and gender identity. Entering the theater, we find ourselves in the middle of three stages with as setting three gardens. The first stage presents and questions biblical laws and teachings from the heart of a ‘Forbidden Garden’ – constructed on the duality of good-bad, desire-disgust, soil-sky, material-spirit. From both a psychological and physiological perspective, the second stage studies the moment of committing a sin in the environment of an ‘Interior Garden’ – wild and cheeky. The third stage puts the emphasis on punishment and atonement under the smoke and the dust of a ’Secret Garden’ – robbed, abandoned and destroyed by the time and the pain. Happening simultaneously, the three stages sometimes complete and sometimes contradict each other, they talk, join, and separate again to make their own way.


Concept, direction, setting, costumes: Anna Ádám

Choreography, performance: Rebeka Petra Kiss, Levente Lukács, Réka Rácz

Music, Sound: Boldizsár Komjáthy

Lights: Mátyás Major

Assistant director : Endre Cserna

Mentor: Adrienn Hód

Distribution: Krisztina Soltész

Production: Gray Box

Supported by: SÍN Kulturális Központ, L1 Egyesület, NKA IZP