Göndör László / BajuSS / festival version / 1 minute in the red cube

dadaist opera, contemporary freak show

BajuSS is a dadaist opera in the form of a contemporary freak show.

It presents a love triangle with the main roles played by the young Hitler, Stalin, and their growing moustache. The context of the story is a power space where the legitimacy of power can only be obtained by the possession of the Moustache.

With this play we want to process social issues, and reflect on the worrying consequences of the act of possessing the Moustache.



Kornél Laboda // Stalin

Roland Posch // Stalin’s subconscious

Gábor Várai // Hitler

Gábor Hrisafis // Hitler’s subconscious

Ádám Fekete // Csárli Cseplin

Miklós Preiszner // Coryphaeus

Viktória Monhor // Chorus

Veronika Szabó // Chorus

Zsófia  Znajkay // Chorus



Kornél Laboda and Olga Lili Horváth


Olga Lili Horváth


Miklós Preiszner

Costume and stage design: Edit Szűcs

Sound and lightning: Máté Bredán, Bálint Mosóczi

Makeup: Barbara Keserű

Assistant director: Bálint Mosóczi

Webdesign: Ágnes Győrfi

Production manager:

Hermina Fátyol


Dániel Komáromy


László Göndör


BajuSS is a co-production of TÁP Theater and Bíborszalon, with the support of the Hungarian Two Tailed Dog Party.