Dániel DAOUD, János KLIMENT, Veronika SZABÓ, Dávid SOMLÓ / Animal City

interactive theater

What is the difference between animals and humans? Why are animals so important to us? Animal City is an interactive performance that explores dynamics of human and animal social behavior. It presents an imaginary community as a living microcosm build up by playful activities, common actions and mechanisms of cooperation and obedience. Animal City is a club, Animaly City is a society, Animaly City is an existence.




Created and performed by: Dániel DAOUD, János KLIMENT, Dávid SOMLÓ, Veronika SZABÓ

Set and stage design: Lőrinc RÁCZ

Light: Kata DÉZSI

Producer: SÍN Culture Center

Production assistant: Zsuzsanna BALOGH

Coproduction partner: Trafó House of Contemporary Arts

Cooperation partner: MASZK Association

Supported by: Budapest Főváros Önkormányzata, BVA – Budapesti Városarculati Nonprofit Kft., Staféta, Füge Produkció, NKA Creative management: Let it Be! art agency

Special thanks: Bélaműhely