Human Rights Class on Rule of Law

Through interactive entertainment we show you the basic elements of Rule of Law, and what a citizen can do to keep them safe.


Don’t Fight, Debate!

Moderated debate on topics of gender equality and inclusive family. We’ll show you the difference between discussion and debate, through facilitated participants.


Gamification – Play with your rights!

Thematical human rights board dames in the topics of education, social sensitivity, rule of law and conscious use of the Internet.

  • Mentorgame (reveals the effects of education on the differences between social classes)
  • The Mind (teamwork)
  • Amnesty Dixit (human rights association game)
  • Likehunter (game that teaches about safe use of Internet)


Th. / Fr. / 15:00-17:30, 14:00-16:30 / Udvar