Kolorádó 2019

Getting to Kolorádó

Reaching Kolorádó is easy like a Sunday morning. You can get there with our Kolorádó bus, BKV, bike, taxi, car or even by walking. This year we pay a lot of attention to the Kolorádó buses, so during peak time you can catch one every 10 minutes, or beyond the peak time every 15 minutes at the Kolorádó Bus stops.


This year, you can catch a Kolorádó Bus every 15 minutes:

You can by the tickets only by cash!

On Wednesday the Kolorádó busses start to circulate from 14:30!

At Széll Kálmán tér, during the day you can catch tram 56A, 61, or bus 63, and at night take the 956 or 963 night bus, and get off at the Hűvösvölgy tram terminal / bus stop. There in the terminal you’ll find the Kolorádó stand, where you can buy your Kolorádó bus ticket. Each Kolorádó bus ticket is just for one way, and can be used once. With this bus you can go right to the festival entrance. If you will travel a lot with the Kolorádó bus, we recommend that you buy the full 4 day pass.


If you come by car, you can park it in the Kolorádó Parking, which you will find after turning left at Feketefej utca. The parking is 1000 HUF/car. If you leave the parking but come back, you have to buy again the 1000 HUF parking ticket. After parking your car in the Kolorádó Parking, you can either take the Shuttle bus or walk to the festival entrance.

The situation is the same with Taxis, you have to get off at the Kolorádó Parking, and continue your way by Shuttle bus or walking. This year’s official taxi partner is Főtaxi. Prices depend on the trafic, but the avarage prices are the following: 


You can even ride to Kolorádó! It’s 12 km, with a nice path. But you should know that it’s a bit hilly. / If you manage to get to the Kolorádó Parking, you can also walk to reach the entrance. It’s 1,7 km on the marked path, right next to the asphalt road.

We hope you’ll have an easy and enjoyable journey to Kolorádó! We will work hard to ensure your safety and easy transportation to and from the festival. If you have any questions, get in touch!


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