Kolorádó 2019


There is a wide variety of accommodation you can choose from at Kolorádó, from simple camping to deluxe bungalows with saunas. Check out the photos and all the details.


Bring your own tent and sleep under the stars! Your camping ticket gives you access to proper toilets and showers, and you can use our safe deposits for free.



Yurts were once popular and practical because they were easy to wander around with. But you just have to bring your nomad self to Kolorádó and pick the top or the bottom of our bunk beds. Or bring along 15 of your friends and get a yurt for yourselves!



Neither tent nor yurt, but something way more interesting. Comfy mattresses, duvets, and pillows for two, with a safe locker and even your own personal potted plant.


Petneházy Club Hotel

Do you need the best we can offer? Real beds, your own terrace, sauna, and even a pool. 4 or 6 person bungalows 15 minutes walk from Kolorádó, but if even that sounds like too much, our shuttle buses will transport you to and from the festival for free.

Reservation: info@kolorado.hu

Types and amount of rooms:

Features of the 4-pax-hut:

Features of the 6-pax-hut:

Price includes:



GDPR Házirend Festipay ÁSZF