Food & Drink


For the third year, the Hokedli team has been steadfastly enthusiastic about the festival, and the good news is that they’ll be back at Kolorádó once again. They are preparing life-saving breakfasts: Arabic, French, and British-influenced savoury breakfasts, as well as homemade jams, roasted fruits, and cheeses for those who prefer something sweeter. You can also choose from unique and exquisite street food, if you’re already dreaming that every festival is the same. Of course, there are also hot single dishes, which will bring you back from your toughest nights. You’ll find them in their usual place in Kantin.


Toasted/Grilled SANDWICHES, crunchy baguette:  1490.-

If you want some bonus for the dishes above for 1990.- than it can be:

Nutritious breakfast: 1490.-

Soups  590.-

One course meal:  1490.- (vegan and meaty version, too)

In menu: 1990.-

Low cost

Low Cost started in 2016, just like Kolorádó. The team’s approach was to create something unique in both design and supply. Like us, they also grow year after year, gaining experience and feedback, and always striving to surpass themselves. If you’re bored of the burger / bbq / pulled pork trinity or just want to try something new, taste the tócsni sandwich. Worth it. We loved them last year.


“Tócsni” sandwich

Las Vegan’s

The first vegan food truck in Hungary, Las Vegan’s was founded in December 2016. Their concept is simple, but great: a vegan street food restaurant, which, according to the most recent wave of well-known gourmet revolution, was primarily intended for hamburgers. Burgers, gluten-free burger bowls, refreshing smoothies, fried sweet potatoes, spicy pork potatoes, and various sauces. The Las Vegan’s team work together to run their restaurant like a small family business.



Digó is bringing the true Neapolitan pizza experience: the wood-burning furnace, special, airy light dough, truly high-quality ingredients, and the perfect harmony between the individual flavors.



Happiness in scoops! Kedveskrém’s homemade ice cream and waffle cones are coming to Kolorádó! And not only are they bringing ice cream, but also fresh fruits and smoothies to enjoy in the sunshine, and replenish your vitamins after those long nights.

Huszár Krisztián: dinner on the field

Huszár Krisztián is the man who renewed the classic Hungarian pancakes of Hortobágy, he skateboards to work in his kitchen every morning, and will host an outdoor communal dinner at the festival. In an exquisite environment, in the middle of the Great Field, a gourmet meal spread across a 10 meter long wooden table – not your everyday supper. Menu is coming soon!

Try this experience for 4000 HUF.


Five years ago their story began with a food truck, and since then Zing has become a mainstay at festivals. The success of Zing Burger lies in their prime cuts of meat, using exclusively natural ingredients, and potatoes brought straight from Belgium.. Not only for meat-lovers, Zing also offers a grilled goat-cheese burger for the vegetarians!