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FAQ – Kolorádó



Where can I buy tickets?

The simplest way to buy your tickets is online here, and offline in Toldi. You will also be able to buy tickets at the festival site, but we suggest you buy it ahead of time to save money and avoid the queue.

Who should I turn to if I have problems with my ticket?

What kind of tickets are there?

We offer both day passes and festival passes:


Passes are valid from 13 June 2018 at 16:00 (when the gates open) until 17 June 2018 at 12:00 (when the gates close). Daily tickets are valid on the specified date from 6:00 until the following morning at 10:00.

Can I return or refund my ticket?

Sorry, but we do not accept returns or offer refunds. If for some reason you can’t make it, we suggest using Tickething to sell your ticket.

I left my ticket at home, how do I get in?

To enter the site you’ll need the ticket code (barcode or QR) so please try to bring it with you. We can read your PDF-ticket from your phone screen, but make sure you download it at home because there may not be signal at the entrance.

I can’t come, can I give away or sell my ticket?

Tickets are not restricted to the person who purchased them, so you’re welcome to give away or sell them if you can’t make it. If bought offline, no problem! Just give the ticket to whoever you’d like. If you bought your ticket online, we suggest using Tickething.

Until what age is the entry free of charge?

We offer free entrance to children 10 years old and under. You can pick up the wristband at the entrance with the child’s ID. They should wear their kiddo wristband to ensure entrance, and keep them safe and accounted for. The guardian’s phone number and the child’s name should be written clearly and legibly on the child’s wristband.


How can I reach the festival?

Public transport, taxi, car, or even bicycle.


At Széll Kálmán tér, during the day you can catch tram 56A, 61, or bus 63, and at night take the 956 or 963 night bus, and get off at the Hűvösvölgy tram terminal / bus stop. There in the terminal you’ll find the Kolorádó stand, where you can buy your Kolorádó bus ticket. Each Kolorádó bus ticket is just for one way, and can be used once. With this bus you can go right to the festival entrance. If you will travel a lot with the Kolorádó bus, we recommend that you buy the full 4 day pass for 2500 HUF (approx. 8€).


If you come by car, you can park it in the Kolorádó Parking, which you will find after turning left at Feketefej utca. The parking is 1000 HUF/car and includes 2 Shuttle bus tickets. If you leave the parking but come back, you have to buy again the 1000 HUF parking ticket. After parking your car in the Kolorádó Parking, you can either take the Shuttle bus or walk to the festival entrance. / The situation is the same with Taxis, you have to get off at the Kolorádó Parking, and continue your way by Shuttle bus or walking. One ride from the city by Taxi should be around 3500 HUF (approx. 12€).


You can even ride to Kolorádó! It’s 12 km, with a nice path. But you should know that it’s a bit hilly. / If you manage to get to the Kolorádó Parking, you can also walk to reach the entrance. It’s 1,7 km on the marked path, right next to the asphalt road.




You can bring him or her, but we suggest you leave your furry buddies at home. Animals do not tolerate loud music as well as we do, and the forest is just as quiet as it is massive (and easy to get lost in). If you do bring a pet please make sure you take responsibility for them and keep them safe! If their behaviour is an issue, we may ask you to take them home.


What about the programs? When will they start, end, etc.?

We’ll let you know soon! Stay tuned and be patient 🙂

Really, no signal?

Really. Or at least a really weak and unreliable one. But as long as you have good people around you, it shouldn’t be a problem, it might even be a blessing in disguise!

Options for eating / food?

We are working on bringing you awesome and diverse food options to keep you happy and full! More details coming soon.

How much is a beer, a fröccs, a rum?

We’ll let you know soon.

Is it really sooo cold?

Last year one of the nights dropped to a whopping 7* Celsius. So we highly recommend that you prepare for this by bringing warm clothes, blankets, or whatever else keeps you toasty.

If i forgot to bring warm clothes, can I buy some at the festival?

Yes, just like the previous years, Konfekció will be with us to provide you with warm and funny items, and you will also be able to buy great Kolorádó merch!

Can I go into the forest?

Only walk inside the Kolorádó Festival tape marking the borders of the festival grounds because the woods are big and if you got lost, it would be very difficult to find you without mobile signal.

Can I pay with card?

No, only cash. But we are working on the possibility of getting some paper from an ATM at the entrance. We’ll keep you updated on this! But until then – bring your cash.

Food trucks, bars?

Yes and yes! They’ll be announced soon, check here for more details.

If I get lost how will I be able to find my friends?

Since we don’t have much reception at the festival site, we suggest planning ahead by deciding on a meeting point before you part ways, or using an app like FireChat to be able to contact each other. Also don’t be afraid to ask around, we always enjoy a friendly crowd at Kolorádó, and who knows, you might make more friends along the way!

If I find a wallet or something else, where should I bring it? If I lost something, where should I look for it?

At the Info Point (marked on the map). After the festival the items left over in the lost & found will be moved to Toldi.

How does the recup system work?

We, Kolorádóers love and respect nature so we grab any opportunities to take care of it. We only give out drinks in recyclable cups (recups), which you pay for the first time you buy a drink, and can refill without paying for the cup again. It cannot be returned for money but trust us, they will look great in your kitchen!

Is there tobacco shop?

Sorry, but there will not be any tobacco sold at the festival in accordance with Hungarian law.

And a luggage storage?

Of course! Check the location on the map.

And a phone charging point?

Yup, look for it on the map too.