Thank you all for coming!

We really thank you for coming, trusting us, and becoming part of this vivid, open, and happy community. Throughout the past year we were striving to deliver messages that can gather people as openminded and as carefree as you together. We think this turned out pretty well! We’ve never seen so many happy and free people in one place. We will continue to work as hard as we can to achieve this state of happiness for every person, at every edition of this festival.



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Kolorádó is what we’re looking for in a festival. Care and quality over flashiness. Shared experiences with new and old friends.
Freedom - not fenced off VIP areas.
You’ll find Kolorádó where the city gives way to nature, only a quick half hour from the center of Budapest, nestled in the forests of the Buda hills.
Over a long summer weekend we gather our favourite bands and DJs from Hungary and around the world. Here we set up our weirdly wonderful stages, where you can dance drenched in sunlight with the soft grass beneath your feet.
Set up your tent, and we’ll start the fire - in every sense of the word.
After dancing until the morning and sleeping under the trees, discover exciting local talent through our cultural happenings, and fuel another night of dancing with delicious offerings from the best Budapest has to offer.
At Kolorádó we love and respect nature, and we love and respect one another. We take care of our surroundings and we take care of each other.
Kolorádó is a place for us to be free.